Online Chocolate Courses

Online chocolatier program

Start date: Next date 27th Jan 2020

End date: No End date finish anytime.

Online - Tutor led course (Tutor will remain with you via whatsapp group)

6 Modules / 6 weeks ( or you can stretch it as per need)
Self study material.

110+ videos and text study material
Practicals and Exams (online)
You have modules for assessment.



Key Areas covered in this course:

  • Tempering chocolate by seeding method
  • Tempering chocolate by tablering method
  • Understand crystallization of Ganaches
  • Understand importance of temperature and crystallization points in chocolate.
  • Understand different types of fats in chocolate and why it is important to stabilize fats.
  • Demonstration of good and bad tempering, avoiding surface shrinking
  • How to check consistency by touching and pouring method
  • Learn correct ways of chocolate melting, understanding effects of humidity, room temperature and refrigerator temperature
  • Dealing with common problems faced in humid and tropical climate – how to avoid sweating of chocolates
  • Learn to add flavours
  • Learn to colour chocolates
  • Understand various types of moulds and equipments
  • Learn mould filling methods
  • Learn bulk and cut methods for chocolate making [ time saving methods]

Learn filled chocolates in popular categories:

  • Pralines
  • Soft centers
  • Fruit pastes
  • Truffle
  • Bulk cut pieces
  • Liquid adding techniques

Part 2

Crystallization of ganaches by various methods, in depth

Understanding water activity and its effect on recipe shelf life

Moisture migration and fat migration discussion.

Role of sugar and humectants in chocolate.

Use of additives in chocolates and fillings. Enhancing shelf life.

Professional finishing techniques – right from making shells and locking them

Use of texture sheets and transfer sheets, correct procedures of their usage

Spraying techniques with colored cocoa (understanding proportions and temperatures for spray)

Moulding and enrobing techniques

Moulded and bulk production techniques

Learn unique infusions

Home and commercial production processes.

Some of the flavors:

Mandarin Pate de fruit

Mojito Ganache

Honey kissed Sesame Praline

Banana hazlenut cheesecake

Brownie caramel chocolate bar

Total 10 recipes in part 2


The studio draws bakers and beginners alike in various Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur and Kolkata.