Diploma in chocolates

Entrepreneur chocolate certificate course - 1 month program.

Ever a thought crossed your mind being an entrepreneur in chocolate world is easy. The answer is YES - if you possess the right kind of knowledge and skill. The right knowledge and skill can be acquired through proper education and training and most important having a mentor who helps put you and your dream on the right track. Here is an opportunity to see your dream turn to reality.

We at 32 Degree Studio offer a certificate course on Chocolate Entrepreneurship that aims to equip you with in-depth knowledge of chocolate, its processes and setting up business.

Rakesh will personally get involved to design kitchen layout and setups. And will monitor your growth after course.


Rakesh Saini, is a chocolatier and sugar artist by profession and well known in the industry circles in India.  A Master chocolatier, certified “bean to bar” maker and “Master of chocolate flavors” from the Ecole School of Chocolate in California, He is also trained at prestigious Felchin academy in Switzerland and award winning chocolatiers from Australia. His expertise lies in bean to bar, blending chocolate and flavors. He is passionate about sharing authentic knowledge of his first love i.e. chocolate and will ensure you know it thoroughly too!

An industry professional for 15 years now, he started out working in the UK in 2001, engaged with noted sugar artists such as Suzi Witt, Carlos Lischetti and build upon his second love, sugarcraft! He is a pioneer in this field esp. structure cakes and in 2014, under his mentor-ship, his students won a place in the Limca Book of World Records for the “tallest structure cake in India”.

Module 1 – Learn to process cocoa beans for micro, mid and bulk level.

  • Understanding beans, grades and qualities.
  • Cleaning sorting and major roasting profiles.
  • Cracking winnowing, grinding, refining and conching. Understanding stages of additions while chocolateis in process of making. Important stages and key areas to focus. Learn to make more or less fluid chocolates and controlling sweetness and bitterness.  You will be in complete control of your chocolates.
  • Working with machines for mastering tempering and molding at both bulk & retail level.

Module 2 –Factory set up (drill) and scheduled production.

  • Real time scenario - purchase order will follow and scheduled delivery date.
  • Students will make their strategy and setup to deliver the same. They will do the costing and pricing for the same.
  • Branding and Packaging exercise.
  • Module will be evaluated on real market scenario
  • This module will make you aware of real situations and real prices. This is your warm up for getting market ready.

Module 3 – kitchen and shop layout and plan for production (Menu set up). Menu planning as per individual needs and based on location.

Module 4 – recipe formulation and understanding structure of recipes. Production in line with previous planning

  • This is two week rigorous module where major production will take place in all categories.
  • Molded chocolates– Basic to advance chocolates for your shop.  Covering major categories like ganache’s, caramels, truffles, bonbons, and pralines, fudges, bulk and cut pieces with all latest techniques.

Module 5 – Action plan – Finance, budgeting and Marketing plan. You will learn how to hit the ground and implement the learning.

Course Outcome:

You can set up mini, mid-level or large level chocolate factory for yourself or to sell others. Your chocolate purchase price will come down drastically with in house production.

You will be able to produce distinguishing chocolate for your existing business at much lower prices

You will develop entrepreneurial skills.

You will learn to handle micro and macro production

You will be able to make signature chocolate blends for your existing business. Unique taste will banish the competition – nothing left to compare.

Retail level recipes for your existing business or new business.

Know how on starting from home kitchen also.

Connections with leading suppliers of machinery and equipment’s at negotiated prices.

If you already running a bakery this course will help you make your own chocolates and extend chocolate counter.

Course fee:


The studio draws bakers and beginners alike in various Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur and Kolkata.