Chocolate Certified Course

Chocolate Certified Course



THIS IS NOT A VARIETY MAKING COURSE This course is designed for people who are passionate about learning the correct science of chocolate making and real life solutions to the problems faced in chocolate making. And you will be learning with professional chocolatier. It is no hobby session. We talk sense and seriousness about handling chocolate.  This is intense hands on class.

NO COMPOUND – we don’t work with compounds.



A complete course for people who would want to learn the complete science of chocolate making.

You don’t need any prior experience for this course.

Learning outcome:


Understanding beans, process outline of bean to bar (how chocolate is manufactured), regional impacts and taste precursors.

Chocolate vs compounds and fats in practice.

Tempering in detail with various methods. Polymorphism of cocoa butter and important temperature zone.

Crystallization of ganache’s. Types and temperature zones for ganache’s.

Shelling and locking as per international standards

Learn to deal with common problems like sweating and storage issues. And talk about more common issues faced while working.

Recipes for bonbons and open ended chocolates

Module 2

Producing artisan chocolates

Learn to increase shelf life of ganache’s up to 4 weeks.

Professional finishing techniques – right from making shells and locking them

Use of texture sheets and transfer sheets, correct procedures of their usage

coloring techniques with colored cocoa (understanding proportions and temperatures )

Moulding and enrobing techniques

Home and commercial production processes.

Recipes for pralines, bonbons, caramels and fudges and pate de fruit. Best of swiss and French recipes.

Module 3

Pricing, margins and costing

Vendor lists

Licenses and other business readiness checklist


Course Fee: 12500/-  Mumbai only , outside fee may vary

Course Take Away: recipes, notes, supplier list and boxes of assorted chocolates

Class Timing: it is 2 days program which starts at 10:00am. – 5:30pm everyday.

Course dates: Check Schedule page

Venue: Find complete address in Contact us page

All inclusive course: This is all inclusive course, we supply all the necessary material. You don’t need to bring anything. You may like to bring your apron.

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